Trial Membership – Free

Attend all of regular gaming sessions for your first 30 days at no charge.

You cannot use a trial membership more than once.

Regular Membership – $30/month or $200/year.

Attend all of our regular gaming sessions. 

Monthly Includes 1 guest day pass.

Yearly includes 2 guest day passes each month.

Includes the right to vote to elect directors and steer the future of the club.

Associate Membership – $10/year

Attend a single regular gaming session.

Attend additional sessions for an $10 entry fee per session.

Come game with us!

Meeting Days and Hours

This is our current schedule.  We will be expanding it as needed.  If you have preference for a different day please contact us.


5:30 pm – 11:00 pm


5:30 pm – 11:00 pm

1ST and 3RD sUNDAY of each month

1:00 pm – 11:00 pm

About us

A place to play

We are a non-profit club formed to provide a place to play board games, role playing games, and other tabletop games. We meet twice a week on Wednesday and Friday evenings, and twice a month on a Sunday afternoon and evening.

Our current location is:

Tampa Bay Bridge Center
114 W 109th Ave
Tampa, FL 33612

a volunteer organization

Why we are doing this

Tampa Gaming Guild is a non-profit club organized for the purpose of providing a comfortable place for gamers to gather and enjoy the latest board games, role playing games, and each others’ company.


The Facility

Instead of organizing games in ever-changing locations or in people’s homes we now have a single location with regular hours where you can always find someone who wants to play a game.


The People

We are gamers who have played together in the Tampa area for more than a decade in various stores, homes, and the former gaming club Grand Arena.


The Idea

Provide a place for Tampa gamers to gather at in a comfortable environment at reasonable cost.  Here we don’t have the noise of restaurant or the obligation to buy anything, nor do we have to share our space with non-gamers or adjust our schedule to suit the needs of the establishment owner.

Game Library

We have more than 400 board games in our library which you are welcome to play while you are here. Our volunteers will be glad to teach you a game you don’t know. Below are pictures of a few of the games available to play. You are also welcome to bring your own games from home.

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